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The eclipse - a sign for Allah Almighty’s Power!

Suhbah of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani, evening, 26 March 2006, Lefke, Cyprus. (transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel)

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

...Tomorrow is going to be eclipse. We Arabs are using one word for (the) sun (eclipse) and one (another word) for (the) moon eclipse. For Turkish people tutulmasi- for sun and for moon (same), so easy…

Everything in existence can’t do anything by itself. Everything (is) under (the) Dominion of Heavens. (Dominion is more than Malakut. Allah (is al) Muhaymin ‘ala-l mulk wa-l malakut.) Therefore - it is a big happening through sky, space, that (the) sun (is) going to lose its lights partly or completely and pe ople (are) saying so many things.

And the Seal of Prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad - sallaLahu ´alayhi wa sallam -, he was giving some information for (a) sun eclipse or (a) moon eclipse, but he is not going to give a full and complete tarif or tabir, description or definition about that, because (the) Prophet - sallaLahu ´alayhi wa sallam -, Sayyidina Rasulullah - sallaLahu ´alayhi wa sallam -, he was not ordered or authorized by Allah Almighty to give for everything that is going to happen through details, no. (He was) never authorized to give (a) full description or information how is going to be (an) eclipse for (the) sun or for (the) moon.

And his importance, (the) Prophet’s importance, was calling people to their Lord’s servanthood. As a person that he is looking after Sultan’s Palace, Mudir Tashifaat wa ta’limaat; if he is bringing a person to be on an important point for something through (the) Palace, he is only bringing him and saying: “This is your importanc e“, (he is) not standing and saying: “This building (is) in such a way, this building in such a way“, no…never (he is) getting in(to) details. What he (that person) should do, he is giving its details (about that) only, (he is) not going to make a description about (the) Palace, no.

Now (the) Prophet - sallaLahu ´alayhi wa sallam - he has been ordered to call people to servanthood for their Lord and it is not true to give that importance for a person, that he had been offered to do (something), to leave it and to look around and to ask for understanding.

Now Allah Almighty (is) saying: 7 Heavens and 7 earths. We are going to know it, East and West, Western countries, Eastern countries. Now Shaitan (is) making people to lose their importance - what they have been called and offered and ordered to do this. A servant was cleaning (the) floor and he saw something there and (then he was) putting (away the) broom and (he was) looking and saying: “Ohhh, look!” No, it is not true (to do this)!

Therefore - (the) Prophet was knowing everything about creation - more than anyone; perhaps everyone (else was) taking from him (the) real information. For everything about their reality, he was knowing. Now he was saying: “(Solar) eclipse should be and some eclipse for moon“, but he is not going to bring a full description on it, because it is not necessary. He may only say that: “It is some happening that only Allah Almighty He knows, how it is going on, an eclipse through (the) sun or (an) eclipse through (the) moon.” He was not saying that a shadow from earth (is) coming on (the) moon or (that) a shadow from (the) moon (is) coming on (the) sun and getting that happenings (to be) through space, (to explain an) eclipse. No, he is not saying, not bringing details. He was only informing that (an) eclipse of (the) sun and (an) eclipse of (the) moon (are) from Allah Almighty’s big Signs of His Power Attribute, a big sign that He (is the) only One who is able to m ake this through space: to put on lights darkness for a while (and) then to carry that darkness (away) and light comes.

And (he) was saying that: “When darkness (is) coming, lights where (they are) going? Or”, he was saying, “when lights (are) coming, where darkness (is) going? Only He knows, Allah Almighty“, and (He is) giving (a) special knowledge about (the) creation to His most beloved servant Sayyidina Muhammad - sallaLahu ´alayhi wa sallam - He was saying only: “This is ‘min ayati-llah‘, that is the sign of Allah Almighty’s Greatness and His Mighty Attribute that no one can stop it or no one can move it on.” He said only this and that was more than enough for servants!

You must know that (He) who created (the) sun or (the) moon, only that One (is) going to make His Order to pass freely on (the) sun or (the) moon, only that One who can say: “Darkness come on sun and cover it, darkness come on brightening!” Or He was (the) only One who can say: “Moon, cover (the) br ightness and lights!” No any one else. That is enough for ourselves! We have been never offered to get deeply deeply deeply, asking that reason, that reason, this going in such a way, in such a way, no, it is forbidden! You must use heavenly knowledge for making everything in its real cause, nothing else! But now they are saying so many things and they are forgetting (the) most important thing: that no any thing in existence (is) going to move by itself or to do something by itself.

But shaitanic teaching (is) saying to people: “Don’t ask anything about your knowledge; you must say that (the) moon’s shadow (is) coming on earth or (that the) sun’s shadow (is) coming on (the) moon and getting in existence moon eclipse or sun eclipse.” They are saying so many things as (it is) their understanding and they are giving (their) last decision that it is going to be an eclipse for (the) sun or (an) eclipse for (the) moon, it is (something that is) going to be through creation. They are not saying that it is something that (is) happening and taking effect from outside and (that someone is) making this, everything for eclipse, they are not saying this. They are saying so many reasons, like this coming and becoming eclipse for sun eclipse for moon…

And we are looking and seeing as (the) Prophet (was) saying: “There are some signs; it is not an empty being, can’t be, must be behind it some reasons that Allah Almighty (is) asking to show His endless Power Oceans, to make people to bow to His servanthood and to take their care! That is the main purpose (for the) big signs from Allah Almighty’s endless Power Oceans.”

Now people are expecting that (there) should be an eclipse tomorrow and tomorrow (also is) going to be (the) last Wednesday of Safar al-Khair. And it is not a coincidence, no, (it is happening) for some reasons! “We are sending our Heavenly Signs to make people to come on the level of servanthood“; not try to get up over servant hood; (over servanthood) only there is Lordship. Lordship is only for One and servant hood (is) for everyone (else)! (Allah is) asking to make them to know that that One only can do this and that: “O people, if you are doing something wrong, you must fear from your Lord Almighty Allah for a punishment here or Hereafter!” Must be some warning. This is a warning, warning that people, when they are leaving (the) right path and turning into a wrong way, Allah (is) saying: “I am going to punish My servants!” That is a sign that a punishment (is) approaching to mankind.

And I heard today from my son in law that he was saying: “When this eclipse of sun (is) happening, a second eclipse of sun perhaps (is) never going to happen (except) only after 60 years or 55 years.” That means that it is a punishment or (a) sign of a punishment that (is) approaching for (the) bad actings of mankind on earth. (It is) coming! Then, when it is going to be 55 years, never going to happen this, because the y are all going to be true ones and no need a warning for them that: “You are on (the) wrong way” and: “Correct your steps!” Therefore (for the next) 55 years or 60 years never (is) going to happen another eclipse of sun.

And I am getting good tidings that the time of Imanu Zaman Mehdi Sahibu Zaman (is) just coming, because it is a sign for his Zuhur, (the appearance) of Mehdi - alayhis salam - (He is) coming! That is a big sign, eclipse of sun; (and) also (it is) going to happen (an) eclipse of (the) moon, but much more important from other reasons (is) that Allah Almighty (is) making His servants to wake up and to look after themselves, to say: “What we are making?” and: “Where we are going?”, “What we are doing?” To make them to think on it, as after eclipse of sun it is going (to be), it is as a Heavenly Order to appear something as a punishment - earthquakes or Tsunami may be… and that (eclipse is) signing that (a) punishment (is) approaching.

Take your Tauba (repentance)! We are not asking (about that) ‘fine lines that running under continents‘; they are all stories, no reality! May Allah forgive us and protect you from (the) Last Days’ punishments!

We are waiting (for the) good days with Mehdi - alayhi salam, Imamu Zaman, and also to be taken away every false and bad things and (the) coming (of) good days, good works for people; lightened days and lightened nights.

May Allah forgive us! Therefore we are saying: Now people are fearing and running away from their homes, putting tents, but no one (is) knowing the time of that happening or of (an) earthquake. They may expect (it) to be (on the) last day of Safaru-l Khair; if not happening (that day), (it may be) one day after, if not happening, one week after, one month after, one year after… suddenly (it) may appear that punishment.
Therefore we are asking forgiveness and that Allah protects you and shelters us here and Hereafter!

For the honour of the most honoured one in His Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhamad - sallaLahu ´alayhi wa sallam - Fatiha.

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