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The eclipse - a sign for Allah Almighty’s Power!

Suhbah of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani, evening, 26 March 2006, Lefke, Cyprus. (transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel)

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

...Tomorrow is going to be eclipse. We Arabs are using one word for (the) sun (eclipse) and one (another word) for (the) moon eclipse. For Turkish people tutulmasi- for sun and for moon (same), so easy…

Everything in existence can’t do anything by itself. Everything (is) under (the) Dominion of Heavens. (Dominion is more than Malakut. Allah (is al) Muhaymin ‘ala-l mulk wa-l malakut.) Therefore - it is a big happening through sky, space, that (the) sun (is) going to lose its lights partly or completely and pe ople (are) saying so many things.

And the Seal of Prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad - sallaLahu ´alayhi wa sallam -, he was giving some information for (a) sun eclipse or (a) moon eclipse, but he is not going to give a full and complete tarif or tabir, description or definition about that, because (the) Prophet - sallaLahu ´alayhi wa sallam -, Sayyidina Rasulullah - sallaLahu ´alayhi wa sallam -, he was not ordered or authorized by Allah Almighty to give for everything that is going to happen through details, no. (He was) never authorized to give (a) full description or information how is going to be (an) eclipse for (the) sun or for (the) moon.

And his importance, (the) Prophet’s importance, was calling people to their Lord’s servanthood. As a person that he is looking after Sultan’s Palace, Mudir Tashifaat wa ta’limaat; if he is bringing a person to be on an important point for something through (the) Palace, he is only bringing him and saying: “This is your importanc e“, (he is) not standing and saying: “This building (is) in such a way, this building in such a way“, no…never (he is) getting in(to) details. What he (that person) should do, he is giving its details (about that) only, (he is) not going to make a description about (the) Palace, no.

Now (the) Prophet - sallaLahu ´alayhi wa sallam - he has been ordered to call people to servanthood for their Lord and it is not true to give that importance for a person, that he had been offered to do (something), to leave it and to look around and to ask for understanding.

Now Allah Almighty (is) saying: 7 Heavens and 7 earths. We are going to know it, East and West, Western countries, Eastern countries. Now Shaitan (is) making people to lose their importance - what they have been called and offered and ordered to do this. A servant was cleaning (the) floor and he saw something there and (then he was) putting (away the) broom and (he was) looking and saying: “Ohhh, look!” No, it is not true (to do this)!

Therefore - (the) Prophet was knowing everything about creation - more than anyone; perhaps everyone (else was) taking from him (the) real information. For everything about their reality, he was knowing. Now he was saying: “(Solar) eclipse should be and some eclipse for moon“, but he is not going to bring a full description on it, because it is not necessary. He may only say that: “It is some happening that only Allah Almighty He knows, how it is going on, an eclipse through (the) sun or (an) eclipse through (the) moon.” He was not saying that a shadow from earth (is) coming on (the) moon or (that) a shadow from (the) moon (is) coming on (the) sun and getting that happenings (to be) through space, (to explain an) eclipse. No, he is not saying, not bringing details. He was only informing that (an) eclipse of (the) sun and (an) eclipse of (the) moon (are) from Allah Almighty’s big Signs of His Power Attribute, a big sign that He (is the) only One who is able to m ake this through space: to put on lights darkness for a while (and) then to carry that darkness (away) and light comes.

And (he) was saying that: “When darkness (is) coming, lights where (they are) going? Or”, he was saying, “when lights (are) coming, where darkness (is) going? Only He knows, Allah Almighty“, and (He is) giving (a) special knowledge about (the) creation to His most beloved servant Sayyidina Muhammad - sallaLahu ´alayhi wa sallam - He was saying only: “This is ‘min ayati-llah‘, that is the sign of Allah Almighty’s Greatness and His Mighty Attribute that no one can stop it or no one can move it on.” He said only this and that was more than enough for servants!

You must know that (He) who created (the) sun or (the) moon, only that One (is) going to make His Order to pass freely on (the) sun or (the) moon, only that One who can say: “Darkness come on sun and cover it, darkness come on brightening!” Or He was (the) only One who can say: “Moon, cover (the) br ightness and lights!” No any one else. That is enough for ourselves! We have been never offered to get deeply deeply deeply, asking that reason, that reason, this going in such a way, in such a way, no, it is forbidden! You must use heavenly knowledge for making everything in its real cause, nothing else! But now they are saying so many things and they are forgetting (the) most important thing: that no any thing in existence (is) going to move by itself or to do something by itself.

But shaitanic teaching (is) saying to people: “Don’t ask anything about your knowledge; you must say that (the) moon’s shadow (is) coming on earth or (that the) sun’s shadow (is) coming on (the) moon and getting in existence moon eclipse or sun eclipse.” They are saying so many things as (it is) their understanding and they are giving (their) last decision that it is going to be an eclipse for (the) sun or (an) eclipse for (the) moon, it is (something that is) going to be through creation. They are not saying that it is something that (is) happening and taking effect from outside and (that someone is) making this, everything for eclipse, they are not saying this. They are saying so many reasons, like this coming and becoming eclipse for sun eclipse for moon…

And we are looking and seeing as (the) Prophet (was) saying: “There are some signs; it is not an empty being, can’t be, must be behind it some reasons that Allah Almighty (is) asking to show His endless Power Oceans, to make people to bow to His servanthood and to take their care! That is the main purpose (for the) big signs from Allah Almighty’s endless Power Oceans.”

Now people are expecting that (there) should be an eclipse tomorrow and tomorrow (also is) going to be (the) last Wednesday of Safar al-Khair. And it is not a coincidence, no, (it is happening) for some reasons! “We are sending our Heavenly Signs to make people to come on the level of servanthood“; not try to get up over servant hood; (over servanthood) only there is Lordship. Lordship is only for One and servant hood (is) for everyone (else)! (Allah is) asking to make them to know that that One only can do this and that: “O people, if you are doing something wrong, you must fear from your Lord Almighty Allah for a punishment here or Hereafter!” Must be some warning. This is a warning, warning that people, when they are leaving (the) right path and turning into a wrong way, Allah (is) saying: “I am going to punish My servants!” That is a sign that a punishment (is) approaching to mankind.

And I heard today from my son in law that he was saying: “When this eclipse of sun (is) happening, a second eclipse of sun perhaps (is) never going to happen (except) only after 60 years or 55 years.” That means that it is a punishment or (a) sign of a punishment that (is) approaching for (the) bad actings of mankind on earth. (It is) coming! Then, when it is going to be 55 years, never going to happen this, because the y are all going to be true ones and no need a warning for them that: “You are on (the) wrong way” and: “Correct your steps!” Therefore (for the next) 55 years or 60 years never (is) going to happen another eclipse of sun.

And I am getting good tidings that the time of Imanu Zaman Mehdi Sahibu Zaman (is) just coming, because it is a sign for his Zuhur, (the appearance) of Mehdi - alayhis salam - (He is) coming! That is a big sign, eclipse of sun; (and) also (it is) going to happen (an) eclipse of (the) moon, but much more important from other reasons (is) that Allah Almighty (is) making His servants to wake up and to look after themselves, to say: “What we are making?” and: “Where we are going?”, “What we are doing?” To make them to think on it, as after eclipse of sun it is going (to be), it is as a Heavenly Order to appear something as a punishment - earthquakes or Tsunami may be… and that (eclipse is) signing that (a) punishment (is) approaching.

Take your Tauba (repentance)! We are not asking (about that) ‘fine lines that running under continents‘; they are all stories, no reality! May Allah forgive us and protect you from (the) Last Days’ punishments!

We are waiting (for the) good days with Mehdi - alayhi salam, Imamu Zaman, and also to be taken away every false and bad things and (the) coming (of) good days, good works for people; lightened days and lightened nights.

May Allah forgive us! Therefore we are saying: Now people are fearing and running away from their homes, putting tents, but no one (is) knowing the time of that happening or of (an) earthquake. They may expect (it) to be (on the) last day of Safaru-l Khair; if not happening (that day), (it may be) one day after, if not happening, one week after, one month after, one year after… suddenly (it) may appear that punishment.
Therefore we are asking forgiveness and that Allah protects you and shelters us here and Hereafter!

For the honour of the most honoured one in His Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhamad - sallaLahu ´alayhi wa sallam - Fatiha.

The Tree of Islam: Nurturing Living Islam

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Books for the Maulid month

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Coming of the Maulid

All Praises belong to Allah, Who has created us and endowed us with honour and humility, and showered us from His endless shores of Blessings that know no end, and has shined His creation by the light of His Light that brings darkness into light, Who creates all in the heavens and the earth and all that are seen by the eyes of the heart and the unseen by the eyes of the body, and bestows His Glorious Majesty and Beauty as manifestations of every being, with Whom lies all secrets and wisdoms that only in His Knowledge alone we seek, and in His Existence only we desire annihilation!

O Allah, send from us Your greetings of Prayer, Blessings, and Honour to Your Beloved, the Light of Lights, the Servant Most High, the Beloved in Proximity, the one raised within one span of an arrow or closer, the one in whose origin is our collective imitative existence, the Perfect Man, the Most Beautiful Soul, the Opener for what has been shut, the End of what preceded, Helper of Truth with The Truth, the Guide to the Straight Way, the Seal of Prophethood and Messengership, Abu-l Qasim, Sayyidina Mawlana Muhammad ibn 'Abdillah, upon him be absolute Peace and Eternal Blessings, our prayers and salutations be upon him and upon his pure Family and noble Companions, from the beginning of Creation until Hereafter in each day a million repetitions!

Alhamdulillah that we approach the end of Safar al-Khayr and shall greet the blessed month of Rabi' al-Awwal, the month of the Beloved, in which he was born into this earth with light and guidance, and on the same date ended his time in this world where he awaits our return to receive his Intercession before the Lord Most High.

In truth to tradition, the Naqshbandi-Haqqani Singapore reads the Maulid al-Daiba'i for the first twelve nights of Rabi' al-Awwal. Each night this well-known Sufi congregation meets at different homes of its members who delight in hosting a noble celebration that brings light, love, and happiness. Armed with innovative percussionists, singers, and songwriters of the Naqsh Ensemble, the Maulid celebration of our group is famous for our recitation, participation, and emotions which burn with the fire of love that continually move all those who join us. Truly, though may be small, this group of lovers is a sought-after group for Maulid that is also much talked about in many countries.

What makes this month more significant for Naqshbandis is that the 12th of Rabi' al-Awwal also marks the birth of our beloved Grandshaykh, Sultan al-Awliya, Wa'iz al-Ummah, Naqib al-Ummah, Hayat al-Ruh, Hayat al-Jud, Sayyidina Shaykh 'Abdillah al-Fa`iz al-Daghistani, may Allah sanctify his secret. Our current guide, Sultan al-Awliya, Sahib al-Waqt, the Shaykh of Shaykhs, the Sultan of Ascetics, the Sultan of the Pious, the Sultan of the People of the Truth, Sayyidina Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani q.s. was born on April 23, the Gregorian date that corresponds to the birthday of the Beloved Rasul s.a.w. In celebrating the birth of the Seal of Prophets, we also commemmorate the birth of Grandshaykh 'Abdullah and Mawlana Shaykh Nazim as well.

The Naqshbandi-Haqqani will mark the celebration beginning Thursday evening, on 30th March 2006 at Masjid Kampung Siglap (off Marine Parade Road), at 9.30pm. It shall be followed with the Khatm al-Khwajakan and Dhikr. And me, the Superdervish, invite you to join in its auspiciousness.

History of The Celebration of Mawlid

The Mawlid in Mecca According to Muslim Historians-Celebration of the Birthplace of the Prophet

Mecca, the Mother of cities, may Allah bless and honor her, is the leader of other Islamic cities in the celebration of Mawlid as in other things. In his book Akhbar Makka, Vol. 2, p. 160, the 3rd-century historian of Mecca, al-Azraqi, mentions as one of the many places in Mecca in which the performance of sala is desirable (mustahabb), the house where the Prophet was born (Mawlid al-Nabi). According to him, the house had previously been turned into a mosque by the mother of the caliphs Musa al-Hadi and Harun ar-Rashid.

The Qur'anic scholar al-Naqqash (266-351) mentions the birthplace of the Prophet as a place where du`a by noon on Mondays is answered. He is quoted in al-Fasi's Shifa' al-gharam Vol. 1, p. 199, and others.

Earliest Mentions of the Public Mawlid
The oldest source that mentions a public commemoration of the Mawlid is in Ibn Jubayr's (540-614) Rihal ("Travels"), p. 114-115:

"This blessed place [the house of the Prophet] is opened, and all men enter it to derive blessing from it (mutabarrikin bihi), on every Monday of the month of Rabi` al-Awwal; for on that day and in that month was born the Prophet."

The 7th-century historians Abul `Abbas al-`Azafi and his son Abul Qasim al-`Azafi wrote in their unpublished Kitab ad-durr al-munazzam:

"Pious pilgrims and prominent travellers testified that, on the day of the mawlid in Mecca, no activities are undertaken, and nothing is sold or bought, except by the people who are busy visiting his noble birthplace, and rush to it. On this day the Ka`ba is opened and visited."

Ibn Battuta's Account of the Mawlid
The famous 8th-century historian Ibn Battuta relates in his Rihla, Vol. 1, p. 309 and 347, that on every Friday, after the salah, and on the birthday of the Prophet, the door of Ka`ba is opened by the head of the Banu Shayba, the doorkeepers of the Ka`ba, and that on the Mawlid, the Shafi`i qadi (head judge) of Mecca, Najmuddin Muhammad Ibn al-Imam Muhyiddin al-Tabari, distributes food to the shurafa' (descendants of the Prophet and to all the other people of Mecca.

Three Tenth-Century Accounts of the Mawlid
The following description consolidates eyewitness accounts by three 10th-century authorities: the historian Ibn huhayra from his al-Jami` al-latif fi fasl Makka wa ahliha, p. 326; the hafiz Ibn Hajar al-Haytami from his Kitab al-Mawlid ash-Sharif al-Mu`azzam, and the historian al-Nahrawali from al-I`lam bi-a`lam Bayt Allah al-haram, p. 205.

Each year on the 12th of Rabi` al-Awwal, after the salat al-Maghrib, the four qadis of Mecca (representing the Four Schools) and large groups of people including the fuqaha' (scholars) and fudala' (notables) of Mecca, shaykhs, zawiya teachers and their students, ru'asa' (magistrates), and muta`ammamin (scholars) leave the mosque and set out collectively for a visit to the birthplace of the Prophet, shouting out dhikr and tahlil (LA ILAHA ILLALLAH). The houses on the route are illuminated with numerous lanterns and large candles, and a great many people are out and about. They all wear special clothes and they take their children with them. Having reachethe birthplace, inside a special sermon for the occasion of the birthday of the Prophet is delivered, mentioning the miracles (karamat) that took place on that occasion. Hereafter the du`a' for the Sultan (i.e. the Caliph), the Emir of Mecca, and the Shafi`i qadi is performed and all pray humbly. Shortly before the salat al-`Isha', the whole party returns from the birthplace of the Prophet to the Great Mosque, which is almost overcrowded, and all sit down in rows at the foot of the Maqam Ibrahim. In the mosque, a preacher first mentions the tahmid (AL HAMDULILLAH) and the tahlil, and once again the du`a' for the Sultan, the Emir, and the Shafi`i qadi is performed. After this the call for the Salat al-`Isha' is made. After the salat, the crowd breaks up. A similar description is given by al-Diyarbakri (d. 960) in his Ta'rikh al-Khamis.


In Honor of Our Beloved Prophet (s)

Every year at this time, Muslims around the globe commemorate with profound love and abounding joy the birthday of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (s) . In keeping with Allah’s (swt) Way, His Sunna of recollecting the birthdays of the prophets as special events in the history of mankind, Muslims have found unique Islamic forms of worship to express their joy, their gratitude and their connection to the birth of the Master of Humankind and Jinn, Sayiddina Muhammad al-Mustafa.

His greatness reflects the Greatness of His Creator, and his purity outshone that of angels, mankind and spiritual beings. His advent on this earthly sphere was accompanied by extraordinary signs and miraculous occurrences, harbingers of the inestimable effect our perfect leader, the Prophet of Islam r, the Guide of the believers, was to have on history.

Mawlid: Independence Day of the Muslim Nation

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and on his family and companions, is our hero, nay––our superhero! The people of each Muslim country rejoice in having achieved freedom from the colonialists who once held them in chains, considering their independence day the birth of their nation––a national holiday. In any Muslim country the emphasis on this is so strong, that every child has memorized the date of independence and the events associated with it. The anniversary of that day represents their liberation from imperialism and having assumed their new identity as a young nation.

On that holiday, flags fly on every street, the portrait of the "Father of the Nation" is prominently displayed everywhere, names of founding heroes and their stories are broadcast throughout the month, week and day. Everywhere the birth of a nation is commemorated by means of dazzling displays, parades, lights, decorations, fireworks, and military processions, as in America on the 4th of July. Subhanallah, no objections are made to the commemoration of Muslim national holidays.

Therefore, does it not behoove the Muslims to commemorate the one who brought us independence from other than Allah (swt), who took us from unbelief to faith, from idolatry to monotheism, founded our Nation and gave us our identity as Muslims? He gave us more than a nation––he gave us an ummah!

Why not rejoice in that event—remember his greatness, his courage, his leadership—and thank Allah (swt) for that day He favored and honored us to be of the Nation of Muhammad (s) ? As the Best Nation on earth, will we not enter Paradise first for the greatness of our prophet?

read the complete article on

The News about Mahdi a.s.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim... S. Mahdi’s first appearance was in Hijjaz, in Makka, on Mount Arafat. That was around 1960. It was a private appearance, only for Saints. 12,000 Awliya came and put their hands on his hand, taking Bayat with him.

Once, when I was passing through Beirut, on my way to Cyprus, I met a Sheikh from Lebanon, and I was a guest in his house. He asked me: "What news is your Sheikh giving about Mahdi a.s.?" I told him, that so and so many years ago we were on Arafat with Mahdi a.s. and 12,000 Rijalu’llah, Awliya, and that we all took Bayat with Mahdi a.s. I was with Grandsheikh at that time. He took me with him, like a hunter keeps his dog with him. When I said this, the Sheikh from Lebanon said: "You are right. I was in Makka Mukarrama the same year with my Sheikh, and we met a person from the Sudan. We asked him: "From where are you coming?", and he told us that he had come from Central Africa: "One year ago I was ordered by the Holy Prophet sws to be here this year to take Bayat with Mehdi a.s. I have been walking on foot for one year, and I have reached here..."

So the Awliya have already taken Bayat with Mahdi a.s. in that year. There is a second kind of Bayat, in dreams, for people who are not prepared to meet Mahdi a.s. physically. And now he is waiting for the order, and then common people will take Bayat with him.

He will appear for all people, according to the Lord’s command, in the Great War, Armageddon... There are one hundred and one hindrances which he must overcome, before he can appear. Ninety-nine of those hindrances have passed. Now only two are remaining...

‘Red coloured people’ have come to Afghanistan. They must also come to Pakistan, and then to Turkey. That is the first sign: Russians coming to Turkey... Huge Russian powers will be at the West of Aleppo. They will come up to the plain of Yarmuq(?) near Aleppo. At the same time the American powers will be in Turkey, in Adana, near the sea. There will be a great slaughter in that plain. The War will last three months and during that War, Mahdi a.s. will appear. It will be in a year of the Hajj-ul-Akbar.

Mahdi a.s. will appear on Hajj, where people will take Bayat from him... From there he goes to Damascus. He will make Takbir 3 times: "Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar!" With those Takbirs the problem of technology is going to be finished, and it is going to be the signal for all Muslims to attack the devils...

There are 40 stations on S. Mahdi's way between Mekka and Damascus... He will come to the gates of Damascus, firstly to a place where the foot-prints of the Prophet Muhammad and his camel are on a stone... He will enter Damascus, and there the people will take Bayat with him.

Then there are 7 stations on his way from Damascus to Istanbul - Homs, Hama, Trablus, Halab, Konya, Bursa - and in Istanbul he will take out the flag of the Prophet from the Topkapi-Palace... But before that, the Padishah will appear and they will meet in Konya, where Mahdi a.s. will put on the sword of the Prophet and his coat, the Amanats...

After Mahdi has taken out the flag in Istanbul, the Anti Christ will come quickly through Khorasan in Iran, and run to Jerusalem, to go around the whole world from there for 40 days. He is now in chains- imprisoned on an unknown island that no one can approach - because he is saying: "I am your Lord", claiming to be the Lord of mankind, not just a prophet, but the Lord... He cannot move from there. He is Shaitan, the father of all devils. He is giving orders, and he has 30 deputies who are preparing people for his coming... And he is one-eyed...

Muslims are expecting S. Mahdi a.s. and they are waiting also for S. 'Isa a.s. to come from the Heavens. Christians are expecting Jesus Christ to come back from the Heavens, too. But the Jews, because they do not believe in S. 'Isa and S. Muhammad sws are still waiting for a Prophet from among themselves to appear...

There will be a heavenly announcement: "The enemy of Allah, Dajjal, has appeared. Whoever wants to save himself from him must go to Damascus, Makka or Madina". So believers will run because Dajjal will be after them. They will run like streams to Damascus, and all believers must be there for 40 days... Dajjal will go around the whole world, but 700 Angels, 700 Jinn, and 700 Awliya from Budala, Nujaba, Nuqaba, Autad and Akhyar will protect Damascus, so he won’t be able to enter.

Damascus is a holy area, the place of the Judgement Day, where twice a day come Nur, Divine Lights, and Mercy. This area covers all that a man can see from the minaret of the Umayyad Mosque, and its Baraka spreads for a distance of six or seven days’ camel ride in all directions.

After 40 days, Jesus will come down from the Heavens. It will be the time of the Fajr prayer, when he comes down in the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus. He is coming down to a minaret of that Dome in the East, under which S. Yahya a.s., John the Baptist, is buried. Two Angels will protect him with their wings, and bring him down to earth. He will be wearing a green turban, and he will be shining. He has the most beautiful face, rosy and white. His beard is red, and he is sweating. And he has a sword. When he was on earth, he never touched a sword, but now he is coming as a Saviour, to save people from the hands of the Anti-Christ. His sword is a miraculous sword, a heavenly sword. It can reach any point to where he sends it. The Lord gave it to him...

He is not coming as a Prophet anymore, but as a member of the Ummah of S. Muhammad sws, following his Shariat. S. Mahdi a.s. will offer the place to Jesus to be Imam, but Jesus will refuse. S. Mahdi will lead the prayer once, and after that Jesus will be Imam... And S. Mehdi a.s. will be with him for 7 years...

Jesus will kill the Anti-Christ, break the crosses, and make clear the truth about himself and his mother S. Maryam... He will govern the Heavenly Kingdom on earth for 40 years. In his time, all technology will be destroyed, and everyone will be given miraculous powers, so that when you look somewhere and you say: "Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, by Your Divine Permission, oh My Lord, You honoured me to be Your deputy, I ask of You", and if He gives permission, you may put your step from here to there.

After Jesus has killed the Anti-Christ, there will be no more devils and evil in his time...people will live a life like in Paradise, Paradise appearances, Tajallis, will come on them... At that time, the purpose of Allah’s creation will appear.

'Isa a.s. will marry and have children. When he is going to die, he will be buried in Madina, in the fourth tomb next to the Holy Prophet, S. Abu Bakr r.a. and S. 'Umar r.a., that is empty now.

Then all believers will die by a sweet scent from Paradise. Everything terrible after that will come to the unbelievers, who will have started to re-appear during Jesus’ time... And the world will come to its end.

from 'Bridge to Eternity' by Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani, compiled by Khairiyah Siegel.

Meditating the weekend....what a weekend!

Alhamdulillah...what a weekend!

We had time with As-Sayed Nurjan and Ali Al-Sayyid from Naqshbandi USA for a historic weekend. The webmaster of was here explaining Sufi meditation techniques, and everyone here certainly learnt a lot.

As-Sayed's Nurjan's presentation especially caught me off guard. I've always known him - in fact all of us here - as the quiet man who followed Shaykh Hisham in his tours around the region for years. His speech and confidence during the whole sessions impressed me-he definitely wasn't talking from himself.

I think he's made this process of Sufi meditation one that is simple and straight-forward. He cleared misconceptions about Sufi meditation vis-a-vis other forms of such practice. Of course when you go to his string of sites the whole thing look confusing. But that also explains that such things as these cannot be fully learnt and understood by simply reading them off-hand; we need someone to show us and to explain it to us. Nurjan did just that.

From the breathing techniques, to even the seating positions, the secrets and wisdoms of our body, mind, spirit, and all of the cosmos became much clearer for most people with his explanations. I cannot possibly elaborate everything that he has spoken: you have to visit the website or read his book "The Healing Power of Sufi Meditation", which should be available at Wardah Books.

What I can say though is the dhikr. For three nights the Naqshbandis here were given a rousing dhikr that knocked the roofs off! Ali Al-Sayyid's angelic voice humming away the qasaid during the dhikr brought everyone together. Ahmad Krambo's whirling was slow but steady and focused. And we had Fedly, Yasin, and Sharfudin doing the whirling too! Well, they collapsed after that, except for (surprisingly!) Yasin! Overall it was powerful, physical, and quite "violent".

To top it off, we had our first Hadrah on Sunday evening. You could say it just got out of hand. I was standing and clapping my way thru the dhikr when I looked at some brothers (who actually hinted at me to whirl: I can whirl but chose not to do it) that I moved forward (and they were thinking I was going to whirl), grabbed a couple of guys and started the standing Hadrah. In a matter of seconds everyone was standing up, holding hands and making the same movements! It was unbelievable! I released myself, pulled everyone up (including Shaykh Zakaria and Dr. Tahir) and led them. Ali Al-Sayyid and Sayed Nurjan joined in with their qasidah and the night ended spectacularly. No one believed that they've made the Hadrah; an experience they will want to repeat. We even had one brother who literally dived to the floor during the hadrah, b'cos he said he saw beautiful flowers and a puddle of water in front of him. I believe he saw Jannah.

They're going to Indonesia next. So hope to catch up with them when they return here for the transit to the States. Masha Allah, it was a great experience for everyone-we loved it. Thank you Naqshbandi-Haqqani Singapore. Thank you Mawlana Shaykh Nazim!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Why So Many Asians and Muslims Support LFC?

Featured article by Mohammed Bhana, Sport Editor for Emel magazine (, on the Liverpool Football Club's website. The magazine is available at Wardah Books.

"British Muslims have a special affinity to the city of Liverpool. Not many people actually know that in 1889 Liverpool solicitor and Muslim convert William "Abdullah" Quilliam opened the doors of what is England's first mosque - a little room in Liverpool's record Office which is still in existence. His granddaughter Patricia Gordon, I have been told, is actually a Liverpool fan."

Read the complete article at



Alhamdulillah. I did something on my blog a few days ago and ruined it real bad. I had to rebuild it from scratch and to upload all previous posts again.

Insha Allah, from time to time there shall be more posting from my personal thoughts and inspirations. Of course also more suhbah of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim q.s., Shaykh Hisham q.s., and Shaykh 'Adnan q.s. I shall also translate relevant information from Shaykh 'Adnan's book Al-Futuhat al-Haqqaniyyah, especially with regards practices for certain months (I've made them for Muharram and Safar).

Thank you for supporting this little blog of mine. I appreciate your comments, criticisms, and suggestions.

Sufi Talk Saturday

There shall be a Sufi session with As-Sayed Nurjan Mirahmadi from Naqshbandi-Haqqani USA, the webmaster of

Mystical Sufi Chants – The Power of Sound Therapy
Saturday 25 March 2006
Al-Wehdah Arab Association
11 Lorong 37 Geylang
(opp. Madrasah Wak Tanjong. Nearest MRT about 500 metres away.)

All are welcome. No registration required.

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Courtesy of Ibrahim "Wardah" and Faizal Ashraf

The Month of Safar

It is a month from the Sunnah months. The Prophet s.a.w. named it Safar al-Khair. It is also a month Allah brings down His Wrath and Punishment to this world. Many of the past communities that disbelieved in Allah and His Messenger perished in this month. I remember Shaykh 'Adnan refraining travel on this month; he advised us not to leave our homes unless necessary. It is prescribed to keep to the following practices for protection in every day of this month. From Al-Futuhat al-Haqqaniyyah by Shaykh 'Adnan Kabbani:

1. Shahadatain (3 times).
2. Astaghfirullah (300 times).
3. Give Sadaqah daily for the sake of Allah Almighty with the intention to lift away afflictions and misfortunes. It is a good practice, as done by Grandshaykh 'Abdullah q.s., to make Qurban on the 27th day of Safar for the sake of Allah Almighty.
4. Recite each day Surah Al-Fil (7 times) and Ayat al-Kursi (7 times).

On the final Wednesday of
Safar, keep to the following Adab:

1. Shahadatain (3 times).
2. Astaghfirullah (300 times).
3. Ayat al-Kursi (7 times).
4. Surah Al-Fil (7 times), reading them all upon oneself and for one's family.

It is most desired to refrain from going out of one's house on that day. If one should go out, keep to the Adab and make haste to return home when one's needs are met. Grandshaykh q.s. said: "On the final Wednesday of the month of Safar, 70,000 afflictions (bala') befall the world. The one who keeps to this Adab that we mentioned, he will be protected by Allah Almighty."

Arrival of Sayedena Mahdi [AS]

Shaykh Muhammad (s) Hisham Kabbani from NurMir

Sayyidina al-Mahdi has been described in over 40-50 hadith of Prophet and all of them authentic, for Sunni and for Shi'a. I am speaking for Sunni side. And no one can deny these hadith because they are authentic and in 1980, when the false Mahdi appeared in Makkah and they took al-Haram, the Hijazi people began to ask about al-Mahdi and said to the Saudi government "you never told us about Mahdi." If you go to Sahih Muslim you find a lot hadith about Mahdi in ibn Majah and in Abu Dawud but not in Sahih Bukhari.

So Muhammad (s) Ali Sabouni put all the hadith of Mahdi, I have that in Michigan. I put many in Approach of Armageddon, at the end. But in any case, Prophet said yakhruju waladin min awlaadi, yamla 'l-ardu qistan wa `adlan kama muliya dhulman wa jura. That is one hadith and prophet gave signs about appearance of Sayyidina Al Mahdi that he will appear before Masih al-Dajjal will appear. And he gave signs and most of these signs that prophets mentioned have appeared and you can see them in that book.

There is the biggest sign now, one of the signs is that I give you quick, sawfa tudeeu naar min ardi Najd yashra'ibu laha `anaaqu 'l-ibli bi-Basra. And he pointed to the east and said hahuna tazhar al-zalaazilu wal fitan - over there will come forth earthquakes and confusion. East of Madina is Iraq and Najd, Basra. And when they asked prophet to bless Najd and he said, O Allah bless us in our sham and in our Yemen and they asked in our Najd and he said, "from there will come two horns of shaytan and in it will be earthquakes and confusion."

And one of the signs of the Last Days is to see the barefooted naked Bedouin competing in high rises. And now the biggest high rises are where? In Riyadh. They are bigger than the World Trade Center, bigger than the 2 towers in Malaysia. And he said yatataawaloona fil bunyaan. And that is why you see between these 2 princes, each one trying to say my building is higher. All this is happening and in the midst of that Sayyidina Mahdi will appear. And when he appears, he first moves from Makkah to Madina. First they make baya in Makkah and then from Madina he makes takbir and everyone will hear and with bismillahi he moves to Sham, as Prophet said, kayfa antum idha nazala ibn Maryam wa imaamukum minkum. "How will you be when `Isa (as) ibn Maryam descends and your imam is among you?"

The Imam is Sayyidina Mahdi, not those imams who wear jeans and are filling each mosque. He is from that line of 12 imams, and he will appear in minaratun bayda at masjid al-Umawi. He will make takbir from there and that takbir will stop the huge war that is going around the world. That is according to the hadith sawfa taqtilu fi'ataan `adheemataaan... Two great groups will fight in a huge fight.

If you take Samuel Huntington, clash of civilizations that is a clash of ideas and we don't know what will end up. He will come in the middle of that fire and pull that secret out and everything stop with his pronouncing: Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. Then 2nd takbir, with Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, every believer will find himself in Damascus with Mahdi. Then 3rd time Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, he will declare we have to go to get Amanaat of Prophet (s) in Istanbul and to get them. Then he will declare that the Dajjal has appeared in an area a big mountain that is near Sham and called Douma and that is hadd that Dajjal cannot pass that Sayyidina Jibreel will put his wing and he cannot pass that limit.

Mrs. Maimoona Ahmed: I was in India, and I saw dream in which you made a very important announcement and it was like looking at TV screen and the announcer was saying that such and such happened.

MSH: this is what Mawlana Shaykh is announcing something and at that time the announcement will come and they informed you ahead of time. But I want to emphasize we are people who don't carry weapon, don't carry knife, Sayyidina Mahdi does not come with anything, he does not carry weapon, he only uses Allahu Akbar, that cuts everything. So make sure you don't carry a knife. Never I carried a knife, though it is a Sunnah to carry a knife, but to be sure that my ego does not carry. Mawlana Shaykh Nazim carries a knife but now he does not. But his knife is something small like this.

People and The Hilya

From [Al-Sufi]

Tirmidhi, in the late ninth century, quotes a hadith in which the
Prophet promises: "For him who sees my hilya after my death it is as if he had seen me myself, and he who sees it, longing for me, for him God will make Hellfire prohibited, and he will not be resurrected naked at Doomsday." The hilya (literally, "ornament") consists of short descriptions of the Prophet's external and internal qualities, drawn from early Arabic sources. It is told that the Abbasid caliph Harun ar-Rashid bought such a description from a wandering dervish, rewarding him lavishly; the following night he was honored by a vision of the Prophet, who promised him eternal blessings.

According to other popular traditions, the Prophet himself advised his "four friends," the first four caliphs, before his death to remember his shama'il-nama, that is, the description of his looks and qualities. One who stitches the hilya in his shroud will be accompanied on his last way by a thousand angels who will recite the funeral prayer for him and ask forgiveness on his behalf until Doomsday.

Out of the simple, sonorous Arabic descriptions of Muhammad's qualities more artistic forms developed. It seems that veneration of the hilya was especially widespread in Ottoman Turkey. There the calligraphers developed a peculiar style of writing it during the sixteenth century, which was perfected by Hafiz Osman, the master calligrapher of the late seventeenth century. These hilya, often imitated, are round, and beneath the circular frame that contains the description of the Prophet, the line "Mercy for the worlds" is written in large letters.

Even today, the hilya is usually printed according to the model set by Hafiz Osman and his disciples, and is kept in homes, to convey blessings upon the inhabitants. To execute a hilya in fine
calligraphy was considered a work of great merit: one Turkish woman, widowed and childless, said she regarded the nine she had completed during her lifetime as a substitute for nine children, hoping that they would intercede for her at Doomsday.

The Reality of the Shaykh - Shaykh Nazim's suhbah

Allah Almighty is ordering His servants to follow the steps of His friends, and to be with them. Therefore we should be like neighbors with blessed people with our physical body. Then we may be closer through our hearts.

If a pipe does not connect to a tap there will be no water from the tap; spring water may reach to you through pipes. You must have pipes so that the tap can give water. Likewise all the Prophets, and Sayyidina Muhammad alaihi salaam peace be upon them are carrying heavenly streams and mercy to our hearts. Therefore we must always keep connection to their holy and pure hearts in order to recieve wisdom from heavens; you may reach to them and drink from their grand mercy streams. Without the saints/awliya, it is not possible to reach to this. You simply cannot reach to it. Allah Almighty made the awliya to be His mercy springs. The one who reaches to them is going to be alive and be a real living person. Those who reaching to awliya, will reach to ever lasting life. How can we reach to Allah? This is so difficult. But to reach to His representative is to be with Allah.

If a person does not reach to the awliya, it is difficult to reach to blessings. There are common blessings which reach everyone, to even unbelievers.. if not, they wouldn’t exist. But if you want to get much closer, you need another kind of blessing. The person who is heedless looses his expensive life and wastes his precious time. As for an authorized person, it is not important for him outwardly, but in reality, he is always with his sheikh. He has a kind of telephone to his sheikh, to see what news he may benefit from. This has nothing to do with our own will, but it is the will of the sheikh who is taking from the presence of the Holy Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam peace be upon him. The sheikh is always with the presence of the Pro phet Muhammad whose reality is always with Allah.

The servant who is asking to reach to the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty, of the Prophet Muhammad and of the sheikh, must always keep his observation/muraqaba/attentive observation, or watchfulness, on the sheikh. You should always observe your sheikh, as he is always looking after you. He never leaves you. To observe means to know, that the sheikh is always with you, and that he is always watching you. The follower/murid is never alone.

Say 'Ya Allah', 'Don’t leave me alone with my ego'. When the murid is not with his she ikh, he will be with his ego, and with the satan, and the ego has millions of tricks to play on you. When the murid keeps observation of the sheikh --for one minute, a while, or as much as he can do-- the sheikh will be with him, and in every situation, he will support him. The observation brings the support/medad. If you are cutting off, then the sheikh’s support is cut off. The sheikh supports the one who is walking on the way to Allah.. as a car fills up its tank at a petrol station before moving on. A real authorized person, has such a station to make you to reach to Allah Almighty. He is also taking from the presence of his sheikh, who is taking from the presence of the holy Prophet Muhammad who receives from the presence of Allah Almighty. If you cut this connection o ff, you will be left alone, and be like a tape recorder with finished batteries. Instead if you have support through a cable, it will never cut off, or become less. Always it will continue and go on.

For how long do you want to stay with your ego? To observe the sheikh is one of the most important things, so that you can always be with the sheikh, and so that you may be able reach to the presence of the holy Prophet Muhammad. Then you will be able to observe the Prophet Muhammad, and you may see that the eye of the Prophet Muhammad is looking at you, and that you come to know the meaning of the Quranic verse which says that the holy Prophet is among you, he is not absent. If there is no observation/muraqaba, you will never see or feel anything.

Muraqaba makes the servant to hear things from the sheikh, and he will see and watch events and things also. Then you may see 'the reality of the sheikh' whose power is surrounding the whole world -if he is a true one. There are no borders.. No! Not if the responsibility has been given to him, officially, by the holy Prophet. His power is always present, in every place, on the land and in the Oceans. Wherever you go he is present.

When you have a good connection, at first you will hear -like a kind of divine telephone to the sheikh- and he will show you the way by what he tells you. After this, when the murid becomes higher in his maqam/station, he will begin 'to see' also the sheikh who is directing him with words. This is the highest level from the muraqaba of the murid, until the murid climbs up to the observation of the Holy Prophet Muhammad whom he will first hear until he gets higher and then he will see the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

Of this state, the greatest of the holy ones used to say 'If we are not looking at the holy Prophet Muhammad even for the blink of an eye, and if he is cut off from being directly in front of us, we would not count ourselves as being muslims anymore'. This is because if a man is with his ego he is not a believer - no iman/faith. Until he is with Allah Almighty, the holy Prophet Muhammad, and the other Prophets, he will be cut off, and there will be nothing else to serve accept his ego. He would have made himself to be a servant of his ego until they will say of him 'Did you see the one who made his own ego to be his God' the Holy Quran. This person will no longer separate what is allowed or forbidden. He will say 'I am free, and that which I want to do, I will do'.

Therefore, the observation of the sheikh by the murid, is the most important thing for his improvement on the way, and if not, his diesel or petrol will finish, and he will stand on the way without moving. When he insists that he doesn’t want to think about his sheikh, he will be left there. These are some sensitive points which satan and his supporters have interfered with to cheat the ones who are on the way. They say that it is making partners with Allah -shirk- when one observes the sheikh. It cannot be and is not shirk or unbelief. It is only that these people have no understanding about how to obtain a ‘true state’. Muraqaba is for one on the way, and it is to be done always until he reaches to the Divine Presence. Then he will be from one of those who have reached, and there will be nothing left in him of the worries of the world or of the hereafter. He will be in permanency.

This is a very precise and heavy lecture, and no one else in this time from the authorized people may speak about this except our Grandsheikh’s representative. Tariqat/path is to have adab/good manners, and is for guiding people to the highest level of adab. Becoming a true murid means being an accepted one in the Prophet Muhammad’s sallallahu alaihi wa sallam peace be upon him presence, and in the Divine Presence. 'O Allah, give Your most beloved servant more majesty and honor'. Who does not make dhikr/zikr has no divine light, and the person who has no light is blind.. so the veils cannot be taken away.

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim's suhbah on 19.02.06

”O our Lord- save our souls!“

Meded, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Adhim.

As-salamu alaikum!

It is a short association and we are trying to follow the ways of holy people. And who is living on earth- billions of people are living- they are two kinds of people: Holy ones and unholy ones.

I was once passing through Switzerland on my way from London to Cyprus. There is a famous monastery St.Nicolaus (von der Flüe), always (when) I am passing, his spirituality was asking me to come closer and he was taking familiarity from my spirituality. I was passing and coming there, stopping and visiting the monastery and his tomb also. Once I was there, just I visited and (I was) coming out, a person (was) coming and he said that: “I am priest of this monastery” and I was addressing to him: “Your holiness.” He said to me: “I am not a holy one. If you are saying ‘holiness’, holiness inside, buried there, but I am ordinary priest, I am not holy one.” I said to him: “What about (the) Pope?” “He is not also a holy one; he is also a person that (is being) appointed by some group of religious people (that) we are saying ‘Cardinals’ (for them). (‘His) Holiness’ that is a grant and blessing from Heavens. Whom they are appointed by someones on earth, they are not holy ones. (‘His) Holiness’ is a rank that (is) granted from Heavens to the Lord of Heavens’ servants.” I said: “What you are speaking, it is true. When they are appointed by governments, they can’t be holy ones.”

To be ‘(His) Holiness’ that is something belongs to Heavens; that is not a reward or such a thing that people may give to anyone. Yes, I may dress (something that looks) like (the) dress of Popes or Saints- their clothes is holy clothes, as we are looking- but inside, no. Don’t think (that) if a person (is) dressing what dresses (a) holy man, (he is) going to be (a) holy one, no! Clothes we are understanding, but not that person.

We are speaking on that point that people must know (that) some of them are holy ones, and mostly they are ordinary people. For example: Can’t be a person King, (even) if he is going to dress (a) Kings dressing; (and) even (if he is) putting on his head a crown, he is not going to be a King, no. But now (this imagination is) through whole nations and people are not asking who is holy one or not. They are not understanding what is (the) mission of (the) holy ones.

People now (are) going to be (all) on the same line that their mission (is) to work for Dunya. Who (is) working for Dunya, he is not a holy one, no. Who (is) working for his Lord, he is holy one. Holy one is a clean person, (there is) no dirtiness on them for Dunya, no, but who (is) working for Dunya, they are all of them just going to be dirty from Dunya. You may say: there is a pond; who is swimming in that pond, (in a) clean one, he is clean, but who (is) falling in(to) a dirty pond, he should be dirty. Dunya is dirty and we are not created for Dunya, no, we are created for the Lords servanthood.

Who (is) choosing to be (the) servant of his Lord, his life is clean and he is reaching through his cleanliness his Lords divine Presence. (That is for the) clean ones. Who (is) choosing Dunya, all of them (are) just coming in(to) a dirty pond and they should be left through that dirty place. It is so clear, so clear!

All Prophets that came, that have been sent- they are all of them chosen ones- they were saying (the) same thing. Don’t think (that) Adam a.s. was saying other words than what we say now. Don’t think (that) Noah a.s. was calling his people to another station. Don’t think (that) Abraham a.s. and his sons, grandsons and (the) lines of Prophets through (the) 12 tribes (of Israel)- thousands of Prophets-, don’t think (that) they were calling people to Dunya, no, but they were calling them to be
for their Creator, the Lord of Heavens: “Come and be servants for your Lord Allah Almighty!” (And) Shaitan (is also) calling people: “No, you must try… you must run after Dunya and you must try to enjoy your physical being with so many things from Dunya!” Shaitans’ calling (is) that! (And) all Prophets just called.

Now we are living in a time (where) there is a Muslim world (and) there is a Non-Muslim world; Non-Muslim world means: Christian world and then Jewish world- that they are also Book-given people (people of the book), all of them- and (then) there are so many millions or billions (of) people, (that) they are never taking care or (who are) never interesting in Holy Books and (in) following some ‘ways from old time(s)‘. And now the representatives of (the) Muslim world, the representatives of (the) Non-Muslim world, the representatives of (the) Christians, the representatives of (the) Jewish faith- all of them (are) never getting a power for defeating Satan from people. Satans power (is) coming over their powers! They are in such a way that their faith (is) not enough for defending Truth and the Lord of Heavens sent all Prophets and their real inheritors, (as) defenders of Truth. And Truth (is) coming from Heavens. Truth is not from earth; the Balance of Truth (is) coming from Heavens. Every balance that they are doing now- nations and their religious people-, their balance (is) from earth, (and) therefore they are not able to make (a) defence or to be defenders of Truth. They are following their egoistic interests; they are interesting only for Dunya and can’t be able to be defenders of Truth first of all that we must do our defence to make people to believe in (the) Lord of Heavens, their Creator. And secondly we must do our defence for defending that: “O people, take your true ways according (to the) Rules of Heavens that just had been sent through His chosen people, honoured people, that they are Prophets!” (But) we are not saying: “How we are going to be defenders of Truth?” (and) therefore Truth- now (among) perhaps 6 billion people- you can’t find even one million people to be real defenders for Truth. That means: all our destinations through wrong heads (in the hands of people) that are not knowing (anything about the) true destination of mankind; and we are accepting them and following them and (so) we are going to be defenders for Shaitan, defenders for shaitanic ideas. Now people (are) defenders of satanic ideas and works and activities, that what they are doing (is) carrying heavenly Cursing on earth!

What do you think (about) now, today, through East and West, from North to South? You think heavenly Blessings (is) coming on earth or Cursing coming? Cursing (is) coming, because we are not defenders of Truth, (we are) not following (the) Prophets and their real inheritors. That is it, nothing else!

People (are) running to do this, to do that, to stop this…(Then they are) stopping that and beginning another cursing there, coming another… Every day and night another kind of cursing (is) coming, unexpected…unexpected… until they are saying: “O our Lord, save ourselves!” If a ship (is) going to sink, (it is) giving (an) announcement: “SOS…SOS…SOS!“ (They are) calling. What does it mean SOS? “O people, we are going to die, save our souls!” Not your souls! (If they were) saying: “SOB, SOB, SOB“ it is better, because people can’t say, ordinary people can’t say ‘souls‘. (Therefore they) may say: “(SOB- Save our) bodies, without (the) souls.” Why not sending- they are sending that announcement through 4 directions- (and) calling: “O people, we are in a dangerous position. (The) ocean (is) going to swallow our ships and ourselves! Please, quickly reach to ourselves and save our bodies, not souls!” Why (they are) not saying (this)? These people, 21st century people, why (they are) not sending their announcement: “O our Lord, save our souls?” Why not saying?

People (are) running through (the) streets, Muslim people, for a nonsense person drawing. That is (the) Islamic way? No! Why (they are) not going to (their) mosque and saying: “O our Lord, You said, You promised for Your beloved servant that You are going to be Guarantor for him! Please, send us armies from Heavens, as You did some time (ago as) we are believing. Send (them to) us to destroy their technology, their nuclear weapons, send (them to) us to destroy their whole nuclear
bombs!” Why not saying? (Instead they are) on streets, burning cloth (flags)! That is Islam that saying our Prophet and our Holy Book? Written in such a way? Allah knows!

Therefore I am saying that I heard a punishment is coming for the inhabitants of this world: One punishment for (the) Non-Muslims, seven punishments for (the) Muslims, because they lost their way! Keep yourself! Run and ask (for) holy ones! One holy one may shelter you, but 1000 regiments cannot shelter you.

That is the head of crises and that is its treatment. May Allah forgive me… Therefore ? coming, I am saying: “O our Lord, send us Your Sultan!” Sultan means who has heavenly Power!

I was in Damascus at the end of the Second War- no one was born from you- and the French forces were bombarding from Mezza; it was a center of army, protected with everything. They were bombarding Damascus and we looked and saw that one shell (was) coming on S.Yahya, Yahyas tomb. Just appeared a hand, taking that shell and throwing (it) away. And I was also looking (and seeing that) in Homs, (a) famous place in Syria (already in the) time of (the) Christians and after (the) Christians (in the time of the) Muslims. They were bombarding from Kel’a, (a) sheltered place, and (the) army (was) there and (they were) bombarding. I was in S.Khalid ibn Walids mosque- (may) Allah bless him- (and there was) also coming a shell (and it was also) passing! And they were taking as their target to destroy that holy tomb of Prophets people, S.Khalid ibn Walid r.a. Only one piece (was) coming on (the) minaret and (it was) falling down. I was there. That shell (also) passed away!

We have power! We are not weak people! Now- we are weak people, but (the) inheritors of (the) Prophets have such power! But people are not believing in holy ones. They are finished… Therefore every day one punishment on (the) Islamic world coming, coming, coming… May Allah forgive us and bless you for the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Not only a Hope, but a Reality

We have been ordered to say something about these miraculous times and events that are approaching soon, to make your unhappiness change to happiness, and to make you more patient... As much as you can hear and believe, you can reach happiness quickly. It is not only a hope, it is going to be a reality for you to be able to see Jesus Christ and Mahdi a.s....

A person may be sentenced to 40 years of prison and be told that after these 40 years he will be set free with someone’s help, and be king of the country. Will his sufferings affect him? 40 years of prison is suffering, but he knows that his suffering will end and that a kingdom will come to him. Joseph, S. Yusuf a.s., was a Prophet, and he was imprisoned, but it didn’t affect him because he was told through his dream that he would be the King of Egypt.

Suffering is only for those who have no hope of a second life, of an eternal life... We know that the whole world is full of suffering, but that hope, our faith, our beliefs, can take all of that away from us. But those who don’t believe will always come under heavy burdens...

So we are trying to give to everyone hope for an eternal life, so that they can carry everything with enjoyment, and not be killed with all their suffering. That is important. You cannot know now, you cannot see it now. Therefore you must believe, because you cannot know until you are in it. Belief is something, but knowledge is something else. May Allah grant us strong belief... Fatiha.

from 'Bridge to Eternity' by Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani, compiled by Khairiyah Siegel.

Mahdi Khalifatullah

Muhammad-ul-Mahdi a.s. is a descendant of the Holy Prophet S. Muhammad s.w.s. through his daughter Fatimat-uz-Zahra and her sons S. Hasan r.a. and S. Husein r.a. in the 40th generation. So he is Sayyid - Hasani and Huseini. His parents live near Jeddah.

He was born between 1930 and 1940 in the Wadi Fatimah, a green valley on the way from Jeddah to Madinah. When he was growing up, miraculous looks started to come out of him. He had such lights. The lookings of people started to come very much on him because his growth was miraculous. He has a spot of ashes on his right cheek, like a star, and his arms reach to his knees.

By the order of the Prophet s.w.s. he was taken away from people by the Awliya - Nuqaba, Nujaba, Budala, Autad and Akhyar, whose Imam is Shihabu’ddin - to a place behind the Mountain of Qaf. Then he was ordered to remain in the empty quarters, the Rub' Khali, a desert between Saudi Arabia and Yemen. No one can go there, because there is quick-sand, moving sands. He is not living with ordinary people now because he has such heavy power, that people can’t be able to look to him.

He is living in that desert with his 99 Khalifs - highly spiritual, powerful people. There is a huge cave; its entrance is 40 meters wide. In that cave is the ‘Dome of Happiness’ (Qubbat ul-Farah), which has been built by the Angels. No one can approach that cave because it is protected by Jinns, who send out electricity that may kill anyone and throw them away. Mahdi a.s. and his Khalifs are there, waiting for and expecting the holy command of Allah Almighty to appear. S. Mahdi a.s. is the most spiritual person on earth now, and all Awliya are under his command.

When he appears, he will say: "Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar..." , three times, in Damascus, and this will be heard from East to West. And the Archangel Gibrail a.s. will shout: "Khalifatu’llah! Allah Almighty’s Khalif has just appeared! Join his army, oh believers!" Everything will be clear. S. Mahdi will appear with such a power that all technology will stop...

Each man in his army will be worth an army. 12000 soldiers from five countries of the West (known only to the Awliya) will come. They are always in contact with Divine Powers, which is a sign of real faith. They are steadfast, never turning their face from the Face of Allah Almighty under any circumstances. Armies turn to ashes under their gaze. They are descendants of Sayyidina 'Ali r.a. k.w. When S. Mahdi says: “Allahu Akbar!” they will be ready at the South Gate of Damascus, from 'Amman.

S. Mahdi is coming as a Saviour before S. 'Isa a.s. to stop Armageddon, the 3rd World War, with Divine Power, because no one and nothing except Divine Power can stop it. No country will remain neutral in this war.

All the bombs are under the control of Jinns, and the Jinn are under the command of S. Mahdi a.s. So nothing will be by chance; it will be only as much as Allah is asking. Everything is just arranged. There is a group of Saints, the 5 Qutbs, that look after everything according to the Will of Allah. Nothing on this earth happens by chance or accident. And nothing happens without a reason...

Armageddon is the War between East and West, and it is written that the West will win and the East will vanish. This biggest of all wars is between the believers, followers of Jesus Christ, people who have prepared themselves for the Saviour, and the followers of the Anti-Christ, unbelievers, who are running after this life’s pleasures, following materialistic thoughts, seeking pleasures which their egos are asking for, asking for every freedom. They are people who always come into contact with the devil, falling under his control, and supporting the kingdom of Shaitan. They will be with the Anti-Christ because they are evil in themselves. The devils will carry them to the source of evil and devils: The Anti-Christ.

Mankind is now following satanic teachings, supporting the kingdom of devils on earth, and that is why a storm of fire will come as a punishment, blowing from East to West, North to South. The supporters of the devils will die, but the supporters of the Saviours S. Mahdi a.s. and S. 'Isa a.s. will be saved.

There is no shelter for cruel people who harm others, or disobedient people who do prohibited things. Therefore everybody must try to prevent his ego from doing bad things and from having bad intentions... There is no shelter for unbelievers; nothing and no one can protect them. There is always the danger that Divine Revenge will reach them, even underground or in the skies... Therefore to believe is the first shelter.

Wrong beliefs are also dangerous. For these people it will be like they have a shield with holes around themselves, so that Divine Revenge arrows may reach them. Therefore another shelter is to believe in the right way.

For some people their good character will be a shelter; people with good intentions who are pityful, helpful, just and respectful towards others, loving them. And another shelter is to give charity and to pray and make Sajdah. Allah Almighty is promising to shelter good servants. Everybody must ask how he can be a good one.

Now everything is mixed up; Truth with untruth, goodness with badness, purity with dirtiness. Until the last World War comes, the times will get worse and worse. When Jesus a.s. comes he will put everything in its place, and no one will be able to object... The 21st century will be the century of truth.

In the last days so many men will be killed. There will be 40 times more women than men. This is because men are mostly cruel. So many of them will die, and most of the women will stay. And in that War from seven people six will die and one will remain... For those women who don’t have a husband anymore Allah will send people from behind the Mountain of Qaf, so that no one will be alone in that time. When S. Mahdi a.s. comes, he will bring with him so many people from unknown worlds around this earth - Nuqaba, Nujaba, Budala, Autad and Akhyar...

The world will be empty after that War...everywhere will be open for the believers. According to their Kismet, which is written on the ‘Lauh-ul-Mahfuz’, the Preserved Tablet, S. Mahdi a.s. will show everyone their place...

After this big War people will be like a candle ready for the match. S. Mahdi a.s. will open the seed of faith in their hearts, opening the hearts of the believers who lived through that War. Common people will be dressed sainthood and will be granted miraculous powers and lights from Allah Almighty. Awliya will be love-springs... People will be perfect servants of Allah, living on prayer and Dhikr, and swimming in love-oceans... Everywhere you will find the Love of the Lord...creatures will take from you that Divine Love. We are created for that. The perfection of creation should appear in those days...

No one will be interested in eating or drinking. And if they should ask to eat something, light quality natural food should come from the skies. Everyone will take his share and Dhikr should burn it, so there will be no need for toilets... May Allah make us reach those days... Bi hurmati’l Habib, Fatiha.

from 'Bridge to Eternity' by Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani, compiled by Khairiyah Siegel.