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'The more one knows about the Creator..', Maulana Sheikh Nazim

'The more one knows about the Creator, the more he realizes he knows actually so little about Him'

Audhu billahi minasshaitanirrajim, Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, La hawla wa la quwatta illa billahil aliyul adhim. Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Meded ya Sultanul anbiya, Meded ya Rijalallah

It is an association. Every day has a speciality, every day has a special personality. The days of week are seven days, and everyone feels through himself when it is going to be friday, and then saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. You have a feeling that today is saturday, it is not friday and it is not sunday. And coming another week and it has also seven days, but when we are speaking about today, it is Saturday, or we are speaking about past saturday, we are saying 'That passed/last saturday happened something'. This saturday also is not the same as that saturday. And it is now March; this is a new March, it is not the same as that passed away, and coming April it is new April belongs to 2004. It is not the same one that passed through 2003.

You also, you are not the same one that you have been last year in March, no! You are now in a new position, a new one. 'Kulli yaumin Huwa fi shan'/every day in (new) Splendour doth He (shine)! Holy Quran, 55:29. Every day is appearing another appearance that those appearances countless.. if you can be able to calculate the waves on an ocean, you can reach the number of appearances that you are entering in it and passing. Subhanallah! People are thinking that they are stable, that nothing is changing, 'I was -like this-yesterday, and I am now the same one that I was yesterday'. No! that finished, tomorrow you are another personality. That belongs to the divinely Will that has programmed everyone, it is not only for mankind.. Around mankind whatever from creation, from creatures, they are also through every second or through every unit of time, the less one, they are changing.

Changing is for creation, unchangeable Existence for the real Being for the Lord of Heavens, for the Creator; if changing was to happen to Him, He can't be the Creator. The Creator is creating through every creature according to our knowledge countless changings but it is counted.. He knows! He knows where an atom is or nucleus, in the middle; how many pieces, each one has a personality, and where it is, He must know! 'Ya yakhfa alayhi shayun fil ardi wa la fi samaa', can't be anything to be hidden to the Creator. How it can be! And He is the Creator. If He is not creating that, it can't be in existence; He must know, but according to our capacity.

Therefore Grandsheikh always he was saying, Allah bless him 'The biggest mistake from mankind is, for their understanding they are trying to bring the Existence of the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of the whole Creation, to their understanding area'. And look, if you are getting up and saying to people 'I am asking to know about the sun and I am trying to bring it to my understanding area, to bring it here' -Maulana is looking at a flower- 'It is like this -flower-, that is sun', mashaAllah, he understands!.. As long as they are trying to understand about the sun, their knowledge is never going to be more than that flower. They should say only 'It looks like this'.They can't approach and enter in it and to see and to look what is that. From far away saying 'Oh, the sun just looks like a sunflower'. For creation, for the understanding of creation, if you are using your understanding, it is impossible for you. What it is in our seeing, in our vision, you can't reach a real understanding of what it is in our vision, what about if we are saying beyond the sun, beyond stars, beyond galaxies?

But people try to know about such a creation according to their mindly capacity and it is making them to give a judgmen t about creation. It is wrong knowledge, and they are saying 'positive knowledge'. Positive knowledge that is the new fashion through the 17th century or 16th century when they were trying to make everything through positive knowledge area. They are trying to bring everything under the microscope. If they can't bring it, they are saying 'No'. That is the biggest mistake, also biggest foolishness for those people who are claiming 'We are learned people', 'we are scientists', 'we are professors'.. biggest mistake and biggest ignorance from them, because you can't bring everything under microscope to look what it is, it is impossible! So that when we are speaking for Allah Almighty that that is the beginning of some knowledge for our Creator.

We are asking to step the first step, that there are countless steps, countless attempts should be after it and when you are reaching a knowledge for the Lord of Heavens, He is going to be beyond that knowledge. An d we are speaking about something now,, as they are making me to speak on some points that from His mainly Attributes is to be unchangeable Existence. Never changing.. What was written in Sri Lanka on the entrance of that place? It was written 'Allah-Huwa al an kama kan' Allah, He is now as He was through eternity. Allah in His Eternity, through eternal and eternal He is the same, never changed 'Huwal an kama kan'. Subhanallah! Kalamul awliya, the words of awliyas/saints, they are saying on that point. Subhanallah! Unchangeable. We are changing. Therefore I said to you everything is going to be changed. Haji X changing, because he was awakened, now becoming to sleep, just changed.and therefore 'Al idraku an darkil idraki idraku', that means if you are asking to understand about the real Being of Allah Almighty's Essence you are reaching to a point and you are saying 'Impossible!' just then you reached real Knowledge about Him Almighty! Finally you are saying 'Impossible', because.. a simple example, do you think that an ant can bring to his understanding knowledge of the real being of man? Perhaps it can be possible, but it is impossible for any creature to reach real understanding of their Creator. They are saying finally 'It is impossible'. An ant, when it is running on earth, may say 'Oh, if I can have wings, I could reach to Heavens'. And the Creator is giving it wings and it is trying to fly and flies, but its distance that it may reach and fly, it is maybe one meter or less or a little bit more, nothing.. Do you think that it may reach to Heavens? Impossible! Therefore 'Al idraku an darkil idraki idraku'. That is Subhanallahil aliyul adhim.

We must put our knowledge on a safe base; if not, it is going to be nonsense and people are falling down. That is the biggest mistake for living people and those who are claiming 'We are learned people, we are experts, we are professors, we are scientists, we are academic people, w e must know who is that Creator! We must bring that one that you are saying 'Creator' under our microscope', or, 'We must look first through telescopes', but then they are saying 'We are just astonishing which direction we must put our telescope? This direction, that direction? there are countless directions to bring that One through our telescopes first. Then, if we are catching that One, we must bring that One and to put Him under our microscope to look.' Haha, Subhanallah/Glory be to Him, so foolish people, no understanding and they are claiming they are learned people, alim. They are thinking that they know everything! That is their knowledge about the Creator. Their heads are big one, but nothing in it! If a person is knowing about his Lord, his Creator, as much as he is knowing, he is getting much more respecting for Him.

Therefore when the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam peace be upon him had been asked 'What is the most valuebale effort or work or study for a person to make as a servanthood to his Lord?' What it is, when they were asking, he was saying 'Al ilmu billah, to know about his Creator'. That means to try to reach much more knowledge, that according to our knowledge of someone, of his perfection and power and glory we are taking much more respect. A servant or a simple employee, when getting in front of his director he is closing his buttons, yes. Not for everyone, but for his director he is taking much more respect, because he is knowing about him what he can do. And man also, according to his knowledge about his Creator, his Lord, is taking much more respect. Therefore two rakaats/cycles of prayer from the seal of Prophets Sayyidena Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam peace be upon him, if put on one side of balance and on the other side of the balance whole nations' praying, two rakaats from Rasulullah, the Seal of Prophets, most beloved and most honored one, the weight of his two rakaats is getting to be much more, because no one can reach to his position and his knowledge about his Creator!

May Allah forgive me and forgive you and grant His blessing for the honor of that most beloved and respected and honored one, most glorified one in the divine Presence despite of the wahabis, Fatiha. It is not a prepared thing, but what they are sending we must speak on it. We don't know, He knows.

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