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Sohbet from 9.7.06 Islam means to surrender to the Lord of Heavens

X, you are understanding, what I am saying?...Congratulations!?All of you also, you are understanding?... Subhanallahi-l Aliyu-l Azim!

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l AnbiyaMeded, ya Rijalallah!
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaytani rajimBismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
Every movement, every acting must be for the honour of our Lord AllahAlmighty! This is a meeting - for whom we are coming and meeting here? Idon't think that it is a meeting for Dunya, no! Everywher e you can findmeetings; meetings that means: people crowding?
May Allah forgive us! We are trying to work for Allah Almighty!Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya
Half of these people they are sitting in front of that shaytan box,computer, putting here also. X., look to me!...From where you are comingto make me (to shout)?... I am (saying about a) very important pointnow, just I lost it! Two times making me to call ! X., X., for whatthis? I lost now? Half of Dunya (is) just occupied for (the) moneymarket - selling and buying. Just I was gaining one million, making meto lose it! From where you are coming? Shaitan person!??
How are you, our attenders? I hope that they are making me to addressto you truly, because truth (is) gaining true ones honouring andtrustworthy people they are going to be dressed Heavenly honourdressing. X., you are understanding?... Everyone?... That is ourbusiness. Whole people (are) going to be business people. Everyone (is)running to be a business man, everyone (is) running to collectsomething that it is never going to be for him. It is true or not?...
Here we are sitting; the Lord of Heavens (is) making ourselves to bethrough this meeting. I don't think that people (are) coming to hear orto learn something about their business, no. I don't think that anyone(is) coming here for earning money, no. But people (are) running andcoming from long distances, they are coming here, because our souls areso thirsty and hungry; (they are) asking something. As a person (whois) traveling through (the) desert (is) asking (to find) an oasis. Ifhe is finding an oasis, he is going to reach (safety) and he hopes thathe may save himself (by) reaching to an oasis.
Sometimes people are traveling through (a) dessert, but sometimes theyare going to be cheated by desert mirages: they are thinking that thereis an oasis there, or water there, (a) spring (is) there, because fromfar away they are seeing (something) that (looks) like water waves,(and they are) running and reaching and finding- nothing.
Really man that they have been granted an honour from their Creator,(the) Lord of Creation: they have been granted a will, willpower, thereis another word instead of "will" (but) they are like a person (who is)missing something that he lost it and they are running to find thatlost treasure, lost diamond, lost ruby, (or) lost emerald of himselfand (he is) running around. This (is) just granted to everyone from ourLord Almighty Allah: Man (is) always asking to reach to something. Butreally they are not understanding, what they are asking (for). Andalways shaytan (is) coming in front of them and (is) saying to them:"Follow me, follow me, follow me! I am guiding you on your disappearedtreasure! I am that treasurer for you, follow me I shall take you tothat valuable treasure that belongs to you and you lost it. Follow me,follow me!"
This is just a Heavenly grant for everyone; everyone (is) askingsomething, only their targets (are) going to be changed and shaytan(is) making them to be wrong, to run on a wrong direction, not to findtheir treasure. But it is a grant for everyone. Everyone (is) askingsomething and shaytan (is) making them (to think) that what you areasking, it is a material aspect. But material aspects - just (the) wholeworld (is) full (with it), full house.
Even they may be living in a huge palace, everything (is) excellent oreverything (is) magnificent, but yet he is sitting (like this), notlooking (to) that walls and furniture in it and (he is) sitting on histhrone and (he is) saying, someone (is) saying through himself: "O man,that is not your treasury that you are running after it, no!"
Once, at the time of Harun ar Rashid - (he was) one of (the) mostmagnificent caliphs and Emir and Malik and Sultan for (the) IslamicWorld that (the) whole Non-Muslim world (was) trembling from him - (hewas) just a magnificent one, (a) powerful one, supported also byHeavenly Support, but he had not really prepared himself to reach tothat Heavenly Support?
He was once asking to reach Hijaz, for pilgrimage, and he was gettingout from Baghdad that Baghdad (was the) most important capital on earth(at) that time. Baghdad - I am asking from Allah Almighty to give asafety and good understanding and mercy and respect to those peoplethat they are killing themselves! Baghdad is not going to be forEastern people or Western people!?
Just (Baghdad at that time was) surrounded by walls, "sur", and (the)caliph was getting out on his way to Hijaz, for making Hajj, by (with)pilgrims he was moving. Just he came out from (the) city and out of"sur," out of (the) walls, always children were playing, in emptyareas, lands there, they were playing. And when he was getting out and(he was) looking around, he saw children playing, but among themselvesthere was one person (that) he is not, his looking was not (that of) achild and he (the caliph) was asking his "Nadim," who is always going tobe with Sultans presence. He (The Sultan) was speaking to him and hewas speaking to (the) Sultan, giving to him (something); when he (theSultan) was sad, making him to be happy, such a person, he was saying:"O my Grandwazir, who is that one? I am understanding there is so manychildren, they are playing, (but that person there) -" and children alsothey were out of walls to make caliph to say to them (to the pilgrimsfarewell): "Go safely and come safely and happily," and they were alsoriding on canes, bamboo, they were making, sitting on it and running.And he saw that that person also was running, - "Who is that one?"
(The) Grandwazir (was) saying: "O your Majesty, that is your brotherBahlul." "Please go and bring him to me. But don't force him; make himto come with his will, happily to come. Don't disturb him. If he is notcoming, don't bring him by force!" And that Cavus, Sergeant, (was)running and saying: "O Bahlul!" (He was looking.) "For what you arecoming?" "(The) caliph (is) asking for you, to see you. Please accepthis order and come to him, because he likes to meet you." And he said:"But I don‘t like to meet him." "But he is Ulu-l Amr, he is Sultan; if(the) Sultan (is) ordering (something), we must be obedient." And hewas coming on his 'horse'. Sultans horse (was) like this and he was on(the) bamboo (cane), also making like this. "For what you are callingme, ya Khalifatu-l Muslimin, Amiru-l Muminin?" "O Bahlul, I was askingfrom you an advice; an advice that makes me through my way, (that) helpsme, because we are going to (the) holiest place on earth, (the) Houseof Lord, I am going to visit. Perhaps your advice helps me, to be therein a good position, not to make my Lord to be angry with me, (but) tomake Him happy with me."
Then (Bahlul was) standing up on his bamboo, leaving (it) there,standing and saying: "O ya Harun, ya Harun! That is their graves (and)that is their palaces!" Nothing else.
He was showing that (these are the) graves of their fathers and theirgrandfather; (their) tombs, under domes. "That is their tombs and thisis their palaces. And you also (are) on their ways." Don't say, (it)means, that "These palaces (are) for me," no! Before you your father,before him (his) grandfather, before him (his) great grandfather, theywere (also) saying that "These palaces (are) for us." But (then it was)coming a day (that they) may be taken away from their palaces. Theywere saying: "That is my palace" and they have been brought to thatdomes, (and now) they are lying there.? And that (Bahlul) with hisstick (was) making (like this), (with his) bamboo and running(away). Crying; (the) caliph (was) crying.
Sometimes I am hearing that for cars there is a balance and they aresaying: "We must take our car to make, to correct its balance." I amsaying: "You can't do it?" "No, (it) must be some specialist to makethat balance." If a car needs a specialist to be on its real balance,what about for you, o mankind? (A) car, it needs a specialist forcorrecting its balance, (and) you, you are not in need (of) someone foryour (inner) balance. Now 21st century people (are) saying that: "Weare not in need." Balance - (the one) who (is) correcting (the inner)balance of mankind, (he is) coming from Heavens, not from earth!Prophets are specialists for (the) balance of mankind. If you aresurrendering to them, they are correcting your balance.
People (are) saying to me: "O Sheikh, we are asking to be in your way,(the) Sufi-way, without being Muslim." "Why you are coming to me? Youare teaching me or coming to learn from me? What is this to say? Youknow what is Islam?" I may ask to (the) Pope, to (the) Patriarch,anyone: "You know the meaning of (the word) 'Islam' or not?"
(There are) so many good dressing and heavy dressing people withornaments, with their golden crowns - I may ask to them: "What is themeaning of 'Islam' " They are saying: "Islam, we are not accepting.""But you are not knowing the meaning of Islam, (so) how you are sayingyou are not accepting? Which thing you are not accepting and refusing?Which thing? Islam - I may say to you - Islam means: to surrender (to)the Lord of Heavens. You surrendered or not? If (you are) surrendering,you are Muslim also, no Christianity, no Judaism, no this no that. No!"
Yaqub - alayhi salam - he was dying, he was not dying, passing, (also) he was notpassing, (but) he was reaching to Heavens, his pure soul; he was ready,he had been called to go up, his pure soul, and (he was) collecting hischildren (and he was asking them): "O my sons, what are you going to doafter me? Say to me!" And they were saying: "We are keeping your wayand (the way of) your grandfathers, your ancestors ways; we are goingto follow them and to be Muslims. We are surrendering to your Lord andHis Heavenly Orders and Commands. We are going to be Muslims,surrendered!"
People (are) knowing nothing about religions! If they are not saying tome the meaning of Islam, they are following only Shaitan, not followingHeavenly Commands that reached to people through Prophets from the lineof Sayyidina Abraham - alayhi salam!
Ya hasrata; (it is) so sorrowful for mankind that they are notunderstanding Islam! They are saying: "We are not Muslim. (We are)accepting Sufi-ways, but we are not accepting Islam."
Ya Hu, (in) Islam (are) coming Prophets to correct your balance! Thatis their importance, (their) muhimma; (their) mission and importance:to correct nations' balance. As a nation or individually and commonly.21st century people (are) never understanding! They are saying that:"We are not in need (of) a Heavenly Balance." You, what you areknowing? You created yourself? Look - (the) whole world (is) justfalling in endless problems, endless 'zulm', oppression, (into)countless miseries, and they are in troubles, endless troubles, theyare not knowing how they are going to save themselves. (N)eitherEngland, (nor) Russia, Japan, China, Americans, Arabs, Turks - all ofthem they are never knowing, how they are saving themselves.
I am sorry to say that Muslim countries (also) they are notsurrendering to Allah to say, to ask: "Send us s (a) balance, balancingour people." They are saying: "No, (a) Heavenly (Balance) we are notasking; we are following Western countries, we are democratical." Turks,Arabs, Pakistan people - most important, (saying:) "We are most Muslim" -they are running after democracy! This word you find in Islam? To bringfrom (the) mountains (a) shepherd, (to bring someone) from (the)bazar, (from the) market, or (someone) from (the) army or frombusiness people, or doctors, or advocates and making a very strangecollection there. (The) shepherd (is) never understanding what (the)doctor (is) saying; (the) doctor (is) never understanding what (the)engineer (is) saying; (the) engineer (is) never understanding what(the) pharmacist (is) saying - what is that? They are going to be likezoo garden people!
Once there was a new trend... At the beginning of last century there wasa country (that) they were collecting people, electing people andbringing (them). Look, they were (making the) first 'ijtima', (thefirst) meeting, and (then the) second and (the) third, (and) peoplemostly (they) were not understanding. The chairman (was) saying that:"We are, O our very respected people", hmmm, "We are bringing a new lawto your presence. (We are) bringing (it) to you, to say yes or not."One (person there was) sitting like X., like this, sitting there,sleeping, and when he was informed that: "Look, (there is a) new law,we are now voting", (he was) looking, "Wake up!" "What happened?Happened something?" "Our chairman (is) bringing a new law that we maysay yes or not." That time everyone must say "yes", (to say) "no", itis forbidden. Whole people must say "yes".
Then (there were) coming different parties. Coming and saying some ofthem: "No, we are not accepting." First (in) democracy (it was the rulethat): "We must say 'yes' ", if not saying ('yes'), (the) second day(you are) under (the) guillotine. Where is French people?... Makingunder guillotine, finish. No one can say 'no'. Therefore - "Wake up, Obrother!" "What happened? Fire? Or (the) enemy (is) coming? (There isa) jet plane coming?" "No, no, there is now a voting; (the) government(is) asking to make a port", for example, we may say, making a portthrough Sham or (through) Homs. He is saying: "Just they are askingnow?" "Yes, (they are) asking now. When he is saying, you must say.""O people, we are intending to make a big port through Homs! Are youhappy to say 'yes' ?" "Yes Sir!" all of them (are saying 'yes'). (Butthat one is) saying: "O brother, where it was that port (going to be)?(In) Homs? (There is) no sea there. It is through (the) dessert!""Don't speak too much, say only yes!" This is democracy!
Now people (are) getting fed up from that shaytanic ways; they aregetting (to be) disobedient to governments. Everywhere they arestanding (up) and (they are) rushing on governments and saying: "We arenot accepting this, we are not accepting that", everyone (is) coming(and) saying 'No', because (there is) no balance for governments. Theyrefused (the) Heavenly Balance and (they are) using (the) shaytanicbalance and now people (are) also understanding that their governments(there is) no balance for them and they are coming, standing up andgetting angry, making troubles.
And till they are going to accept (the) Heavenly Balance, humanity (is)going to finish, killing each other. That (one is) making missiles,that (one is) making another thing for killing each other. And AllahAlmighty (is) never ordering to kill each other! Allah Almighty (is)asking a happy life for His servants, but (the) shaytanic teaching (is)making mankind to be enemies to each other and to fall in(to) anendless troubles and miseries area, (so that) they (are) never going tobe able to save themselves.
O people, you must understand that we are in need (of) a balance, and(the) whole world just lost their balance; they can't be able to bringtheir balance, except (by) accepting (the) Heavenly one who should comeand making, correcting (the) balance of (the) nations!
May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of the most honouredone through balance, who (is) correcting balances, (the) most honoredone, Sayyidina Muhammad sallaLlahu alayhi wa sallam, Fatiha.
This is important. If they are not looking to what is coming from up,they are all going to be finished, not one is going to remain. It is notsomething that I am preparing.
One balance - people they are asking this to declare to whole nations;through East and West everyone must listen (to) this association thatwe are addressing to whole mankind. If not - we have another kind (of)power to take them away that they can't expect, how it happened!Because Heavenly ones (are) so powerful! I am nothing, something (is)something. Sometimes I am something! Now I am nothing, zero, but whencoming One with me, I have power! I don't care (if the) whole world(is) rushing on me, I don't care! Now, therefore, we are giving somethingfrom reality for understanding. If not, they should be taken away!
Astaghfirullah, Fatiha!

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